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Also From Tenable

Security Center
security management console
  • manage remote Nessus scanners
  • scheduled and distributed scanning
  • share vulnerability data with server admins
  • compliance reporting
  • asset-based remediation and reporting
  • real-time intrusion detection event analysis 
  • executive and management reports

Log Correlation Engine
security event manager
  • centralize and normalize logs
  • event correlation and behavioral anomalies
  • share security logs with server admins
  • twelve different types of interactive reports
  • detects login failures, network traffic and many other types of log events

Passive Vulnerability Scanner
passive network monitor
  • passively detects vulnerabilities
  • continuously watches network traffic
  • no network impact
  • 24x7 operation with daily plugin updates
  • detects compromised internal systems
  • place a P.V.S. in front of your network and let it collect vulnerability information on 10,000+ computers